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South of France - I'll be back!

06/04/2015 22:58

Some more...

06/04/2015 22:56

Collecting some experience...

06/04/2015 00:00

Christmas time is busking time...

27/12/2014 21:55
   Photo by Aman Cheong

been there done that

02/12/2014 16:16
  Dublin - Barcelona - Gent - Brussels

02/12/2014 15:47

Hello, it's me again.

02/12/2014 15:06
After a long while without internet I can finally continue keeping you in touch with my... work. It's been a great year of ups and downs but somehow it feels like I am only getting started. So many plans and so much to do but I won't stress myself now. It will all work out somehow and maybe it's...

Still in Brussels...

27/05/2014 12:10

08/05/2014 10:03
Yesterday there was someone pointing at me with his camera... That someone was Jose Huedo... and this is the result: :)

07/05/2014 22:15
Brussels was quite rainy today and the cold and windy and wet weather was really not good for my voice. Had to go home because no more verse would come out of my mouth. What if I get sick now?  But this little present helped me forget about the worries. Who knows, maybe smiling is the best...

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