If you haven't got the chance to get to know me, yet, then here is a brief description:

I'm Klara, currently 23 years old and I guess that most people would call me a singer-songwriter. What they don't know is that a big part of my love to music comes from composing and recording songs in my studio. Does that make me a producer? I don't know. My financial resources are limited and I don't have the connections... So just remember me as a girl who does what she loves.

Writing those lines feels like a victory because life hasn't always been so easy. After years of making a living from busking, I am proud to say that things got better. I worked hard and got amazing support from thousands of people. People like you who walked into me and my guitar at the corner of a street and dropped some coins in my box.

Big thanks to everyone. I hope that soon I can reward you with another album.

Until then... feel free to explore my website.

Make yourself at home!